How a Self-driven Car Works, What Technology Works Behind It?


Automatic transmission system, four wheel drive system, complete safety airbag kit, ABS+EBD etc are few terms which are considered as luxury and comfort features in today’s scenario, are soon going to be the folklore terms used in auto industry across the world. This might a surprise to most of the car enthusiasts, but yes this is true to huge extent. And, there is strong witness to support the statement in form of self-driven or autonomous car, which has gained huge popularity from last couple of months and recently spotted the test drives of autonomous taxi. It is speculated that day is not far when you will be traveling in your own driver-less vehicle which will follow your instructions by offering comfort and relaxing drive to your destination.

Self-driven Car

But, before the car enthusiasts enjoy the real experience of roaming in these self-driving cars, they are keen to know about its functionality and, working and to know that is it safe? Therefore going to their interests let us have glimpse of the car so as to understand the actual mechanism of it before sitting in it.

Engine and Sensors
The car is enriched with an electronic motor which can travel maximum up-to 100 miles. It is equipped with sensors and software supported with digital maps which are helpful in locating the accurate route for car during its driving. The GPS system installed in car works similar to a satellite navigation system installed in most of the cars to today’s generation. This provides the rough location of car, from where the point radar, cameras and lasers monitor the overall area in 360 degrees. The installed software identifies the hurdles that come in the way of car including other vehicles, signs, people, traffic lights, cyclists or any other barriers. Interestingly, it is also capable of even recognizing road construction work going on the roads and navigates with complete safety across them.

Sensors in Autonomous Car

Is it safe to travel in driver-less car?
The initiative of bringing driver-less car in real terms goes to Google and therefore when it comes to talking about self-driven car, name of Google’s Driver-less car hits the memory of every person. According to reports received from Google, its autonomous car has almost covered 700,000 miles of distance under its test drive during critical driving conditions on hills and busy streets. With speed of 25 mph. The front fascia of car is similar to pedestrian developed with foam bumper and flexible windscreen. It also sports seat belts so as to avoid any kind of damage to passengers in any unfortunate incidence. Apart from this, there is also an emergency button to stop the car whenever passengers feel any kind of risk while crossing through the road.

It is also reported that Google has collected the data and tried to understand the behavior of passengers and commuters while designing the car. This can be understood from the illustration of traffic lights where the car waits for a second before moving ahead, once the green light turns on. This however, can make the following driver quite angry.

Google's Driver-less Car

According to sources of Google, they have tried to make driver-less car work like a normal car that is driven by all of us and which is capable of taking its own decisions according to traffic situations.

What it have inside the cabin?
The interiors are developed with two conventional seats with safety belts and sport almost every standard feature which is found in cars. It will support the audio controls which easily take a command from the passengers to start/stop the drive.

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