What to do While Driving When Earthquake Hits?


Despite of so many technical developments there are certain factors where still science lags behind the nature. Earthquake is one such natural calamity about which nobody can correctly predict about its happening, even when we are equipped with contemporary equipments. Happening of earthquake is one of the most disastrous calamities which can destroy the whole region if it happens at high speed. Last one decade bears witness to the fact that the earthquakes that took place till today have resulted in huge loss of life and wealth. Most of the persons who lost their lives during earthquake were those who did not got a chance to come at safe place at the time of earthquake. It is because of this government and various nongovernmental organizations making people aware about the precautions which should be followed at the time of earthquake.

Well all these instructions are mainly for the people who are inside their homes, office or at different places, but what about the people who are at road that is who are travelling or driving. As the location of these people is not stable and moreover due to rugged roads it is not possible for them to recognize about the earthquake or do not know the precautions which should be followed while driving. Whereas like people residing inside the places they can also get hurt by severe accident while driving during earthquake. If you are caught in same situation than it would be better for you to follow these instructions if you notice earthquake taking place while you are moving to some other place:
  1. Minimize your speed: It is the first step which should be followed while you realize earthquake while driving at speed. The best way is to minimize your speed slowly as sudden brakes may result in severe hit by your fellow driver and let you face an accident.
  2. Park your car: Try to park your car by side at the earliest by slowing your speed. Remember park your car in open area and do not park it below some tree, building, bridge or below the powerful electric wires.
  3. Do not come out from car: Once you have parked at safe place stay inside the car until unless you do not feel any need of coming out from car. One more thing which you should follow after parking your car is to get yourself free from seatbelts as sometimes in situation of coming out from car you may not come out.
  4. Keep your radio on: If you were listening radio while driving keep it on, as after earthquake most of the radio stations keep broadcasting latest updates associated with earthquake.
  5. Drive safe: Once the earthquake is gone do not driving instantly until it is not declared by local authorities. Moreover even if you have to rush urgently try to avoid driving over bridges and inside tunnels. Do drive over electronic power lines that have fallen on roads. It would be better to call on local police authorities and give them information about fallen electric wires.
  6. Carry first aid kit with yourself: If you are living in an area which is earthquake suspected than try to carry a first kit with yourself so that in case of an injury you may provide first aid to passengers and others.
Earthquake is a natural calamity and with little precaution you can protect your and others. The thing only to remember is not to be panic stay cool. Remember one thing that your life is more important than your vehicle do not stay inside your vehicle if it is not safe for you.

God Bless You!!!

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